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RIP Donna Summer
Donna Summer hit the scene in late 1975 with "Love To Love You Baby" - sixteen minutes of sensual desire that put my teenage world in a spin. Over the years she would transform what could have been a novelty into groundbreaking hits like "I Feel Love" "Bad Girls" and "She Works Hard For The Money". Her musical legacy is undeniable.
Entered By: MichaelLewis
17 May 2012
Entered By: Ebab
07 July 2012
Her energy was unbelievable! I loved everything from her early Munich records, “On The Radio”, the sensational “Bad Girls” double album (which maintains a great consistent sound but never gets boring), the highly unlikely but surprisingly potent “MacArthur Park Suite”, the underrated album with Quincy Jones (for the most part, sensational arrangements and audio quality), and her anthem, the self-penned “She Works Hard For The Money”!

I’m still a bit puzzled what then really happened. Her vocals remained strong as always but the songs and productions never again reached the heights of those first years.

To me, she remains one of the finest performers of that era, very successful then, still much of her work ages surprisingly well.

Thank you Donna, for all the fun!
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