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please remastered
tawatha agee-welcome to my dream
Entered By: candycaine
04 December 2012
Entered By: MichaelLewis
13 December 2012
That was done by Funky Town Grooves last year. Unfortunately, I think it is pretty much sold out judging by the prices on Amazon.
Entered By: L3nk3d1th
03 February 2013
Solid by Michael Henderson, Trying to get to you by Eugene Record, and 2nd Resurrection by Stairsteps are my choices for remaster/reissue.
Entered By: Charleyk4
05 March 2013
I request that "Come into our world" by The Emotions be remastered/reissued. Such a great rare gem.
Entered By: glenwould
14 March 2013
Any chance of The Emotions 'If I Only Knew" album that came out on Motown. What a fantastic album this is...and so completely overlooked.
Entered By: masterrocker
22 May 2013
Agree with the Eugene Record and Emotions Motown album....
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