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All Oneway albums need to be on CD!
Entered By: roddstarr
18 December 2012
Entered By: soulman
16 January 2013
al hudson/ one way deserve to have all their album catalogue re issued on cd...real soul fans want great music on this format...from the abc titles through to the last issued album a new beginning on capitol...superb music by an excellent band
Entered By: ANDREAS
20 January 2013
I totally agree with you folks! I counted 10 full album releases, if you add the first (?) Al Hudson & The Partners "Happy Feet" Album, as well as the last one (Al Hudson & One Way: "A New Beginning"). I hope record labels will soon realise the enormous potential for Re-Releases while including the Original Remixes & Extended Versions in a digital remastered CD format.
Entered By: cable1
11 February 2013
Everybody up by the Ohio Players released on cd in the usa ?
Entered By: billye
13 March 2013
I have always loved one way and always will. remember their biggies lady you are, don't stop, more than friends, less than lovers, and shine on me. I love em!
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