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Best reissues of 2011!
Esther Phillips - You've Come A Long Way Baby/All About Esther

Loose Ends - A Little Spice

Nancy Wilson - All In Love Is Fair/Come Get To This
Entered By: DavidNathan
17 December 2011
Entered By: MichaelLewis
17 December 2011
Natalie Cole - Thankful
17 December 2011
I agree, Michael!
Entered By: MichaelLewis
03 January 2012
I've been stuck on EWF for the last 2 weeks since I got the 15 CD Columbia box set. Mind blowing!
Entered By: DavidNathan
11 January 2012
Yes, the EWF box set is amazing!!
Entered By: SoulMaven
19 January 2012
EWF was a missed opportunity. Sony Legacy has remastered all the EWF CDs over the years to have bonus tracks, but instead of using those bonus masters they went with the straight albums. And the bonus disc of EWF productions is far from complete showing no imagination ....where was Free Life? Afterbach? I could go on....
Entered By: DavidNathan
20 January 2012
I agree, SoulMaven. Glad I still hsve the renastered CDs!
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