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vesta williams
plesea soul music can u remaster vesta williams self titled debut album
Entered By: candycaine
19 January 2013
Entered By: simoncrossuk
20 February 2013
Good suggestion.

Could have bonus tracks of the 12" versions of Don't Blow A Good Thing and Something About You.
Entered By: unclefinglebinger
04 March 2013
There is a Vocal Dub version of "Something About You" that is THE BUSINESS!!! This album needs to be reissued on CD immediately!
Entered By: unclefinglebinger
04 March 2013
For some reason, not seeing any reissues from the A&M label. But, along with the "Vesta" reissue, it would be nice to see a two-fer of Joyce Kennedy's pair of A&M albums.
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