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Gwen Guthrie disappointment

I just wanted to say that whilst I'm very happy that you have reissued the Good To Go Lover album, it feels like a missed opportunity to me.

No Larry Levan remix of Outside in the Rain, no Dancin' Danny D remix of Rent and no extended version of Close To You. Shame.
Entered By: simoncrossuk
20 February 2013
Entered By: MichaelLewis
21 February 2013
Hi Simon, While we are sorry you are disappointed, you must understand the difficulty and cost involved with getting extra tracks approved and/or securing the masters. We always try to get as much possible within reason and the time and cost restraints we have. We are pleased with the reissue as it stands
Entered By: simoncrossuk
23 February 2013
Thanks for answering Michael, and I do appreciate the reissue companies will not always have access to everything that they or their customers want. I'm not sure that disappointment is the right word as I knew the track listing when I bought the cd. In light of what you say I'm not criticising but providing feedback that can be used with Polydor (or whoever) in the future about how important full access is to your customers.

Going off on a tangent, the great UK journalist James Hamilton reported in Record Mirror in 1986, that the duettist on Save Your Love For Me was Fred Owen. Presumably that was never correct?
Entered By: stebiemiko
24 February 2013
I'm very happy to see Gwen Guthrie's "Good To Go Lover" CD come to light. I fully understand just how difficult it must be to get the rights for the masters of certain remixes, etc. I don't see this as a missed opportunity whatsoever. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great job. Once again thank you for reissuing Stephanie Mills' Cascablanca Lp's on Cd!! :)
Entered By: unclefinglebinger
04 March 2013
Thanks for responding Micheal. I figured you guys were not able to receive clearance to include those remixes. It would have been nice but since some of those extended versions appear on her Best Of package, I really don't mind. :)
Entered By: las84
17 April 2013
Finally!! Save Your Love For Me on CD, is worth the price on it's own! as I have the original Polydor CD.

Thanks to all at
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