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"Hard Core Poetry" is being reissued this month on CD!!! That is amazing to find out! Thank you very much, the work you do for us soul freaks is amazing and extremely appreciated!!!! You have a fan for life!!
Entered By: blue eye soul guy
13 May 2013
Entered By: masterrocker
22 May 2013
Delighted to be having this but PLEASE can we also have Future Bound and Check it out?
Entered By: karik57
23 May 2013
Both albums "Check It Out / Hard Core Poetry" have been released a long ago as TOSHIBA-EMI VSCD-559. They are available on eBay every now and then as used items. The only Tavares albums never been released as a CD are "Future Bound" (1978) and "Love Storm" (1977). Soul Music Records should concentrate on the ones that have never been released yet.
Entered By: charg1015
24 May 2013
Peaches & Herb album "Let's Fall In Love" is an excellent album that never been on cd before.
Entered By: charg1015
27 May 2013
The Temptations albums " House Party" and "Back To Basics" are excellent albums that need to be issue on cd.
Entered By: charg1015
27 May 2013
The Persuaders last album "It's All About Love" is also an excellent album that didn't get a lot of air time,but need to be issue on cd.
Entered By: masterrocker
05 January 2014
Are there 2014 plans to release Future Bound, Love Storm and Check it out? Thanks
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