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I don’t know what you were thinking with your current group of Hall of Fame nominees, but its obvious that some of you don’t even know what Soul music really is. It seems you nominated artists mostly associated with Smooth Jazz than with Soul music, which not only makes you unqualified to make selections for your “Hall Of Fame”, but it also violates your website’s own rule about nominating those considered to be part of other genres. For example, how does Contemporary Jazz group Incognito qualify for selection over some of the more essential Soul groups of the past 50 YEARS? The team really needs to explain that one!

Which brings me to another problem with your “Hall of Fame”: the Contemporary Soul category? How is it that some of the biggest names of Soul music of the 60s, 70s & 80s haven’t yet been inducted but you chose to honor those who are practically just starting their careers? It’s not that these artists aren’t great. I think Ledisi is a fine singer, but she didn’t release her first album until 2000, and although she deserves some accolades, at just 13 years, her career is much too short for her to be nominated for a “Hall of Fame” while Patti LaBelle, a 50-year Soul music legend who opened the doors for these singers, continues to get ignored.

Even if you make the argument that these Contemporaries deserve to be honored for their work, once again it seems you’re selecting artists that favor Smooth Jazz over Soul, otherwise you wouldn’t be ignoring someone like Mary J. Blige, who is often considered, even by other legendary artists, to be the greatest Soul singer of this era, and is often called the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”. Ms. Blige should’ve been the first artist inducted in this category, but sadly she is not.

Another serious headache with your “Hall of Fame” is your Instrumentalist category. I agree that Kirk Whalum and Najee are great musicians, but once again, they are SMOOTH JAZZ musicians. How do they get selected while essential Soul musicians like legendary Motown musicians James Jamerson & Benny Benjamin, organists Booker T. Jones and Billy Preston, and bass innovator Larry Graham, keep getting left out? It seems those on the Executive Team are confusing the two genres and think that what they hear on the Smooth Jazz radio station qualifies as Soul music, and it that’s what you’re thinking, you yourselves are confused.

I still enjoy your website and I especially enjoy taking part in the voting process for your “Hall of Fame”, but if you want to be taken more seriously as a SOUL MUSIC website, I strongly recommend that you re-educate yourselves on what Soul music really is, and learn the true history of Soul Music itself, so that you’ll nominate better choices for your “Hall of Fame”, many of them shamefully long-overdue.
Entered By: earlthethird
03 October 2013
Entered By: ronski
07 October 2013
Spot on earlthethird!!
Entered By: earlthethird
07 October 2013
Thanks, ronski. Don't forget to vote!
(See my other blog, "Who Should Win Your Vote?"
Entered By: earlthethird
10 October 2013

The Executive Team DOES NOT create the nominations. The MEMBERS create them.

The Executive Team compiles the names that get the most nominations and make them available for voters. Everybody has choices that do not make the final cut. But they keep nominating them in hopes that one-day they will.

My special thanks to Mr. Michael Lewis of for correcting me on this matter, as the above post is now directed towards the Members now.
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