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Deniece Williams - Hall of Fame
Niecy is up again this month. There are many deserving artists but there must be some rhyme or reason to the order of induction. It is not a question of relative merit because Anita Baker and Randy Crawford are very deserving. However, Deniece Williams is one of the bedrock artists of soul music. Her hits are CLASSICS that receive substantial airplay more than 35 years later. Anita and Randy learned from her. Their time will come. Niecy's time is now.
Entered By: guy
27 December 2013
Entered By: earlthethird
29 December 2013
@guy I agree that Deniece Williams is an excellent choice for the Hall of Fame. It’s interesting that you say that “rhyme or reason” should be used in the inclusion of selected nominees, because your fellow nominees have NOT been using any sort of common sense when it comes to voting for legitimate inductees. Yes, Deniece Williams IS deserving of being inducted, but Anita Baker is a stronger choice for induction, only because she had a huge impact on Soul music during the 80s and 90s, not to mention the many classics she’s delivered during the past 3 decades, just like Ms. Williams has done. I don’t know how Randy Crawford’s name got included, since although she’s a fine singer, she’s merely a one- or two-hit wonder and doesn’t qualify right now. Deniece Williams is not the only bedrock artist that the annoying members haven’t voted in yet, but if she does get voted in over Ms. Baker, at least the members have voted in one of the more deserving choices.
Entered By: guy
31 December 2013
@earlthebird. I think we agree on methodology for induction. I would just add that Niecy first impacted about a decade before Anita. Anita is very deserving and probably should be next. Also, I don't think induction should be based on commercial achievements alone. It would be a shame if we started inducting lightweights just because they have gold, platinum and Grammys.
Entered By: earlthethird
02 January 2014
@guy I agree that lightweights shouldn’t be honored solely on just commercial success, but Ms. Baker’s recent induction was not based on that. Back in 1986, when it seemed that Black music was shifting in two directions, the MTV-led pop scene & the early Hip-Hop movement, Ms. Baker helped bring Soul music back to its powerful roots with her album “Rapture”. Critics & fans actually considered her the heir apparent to Aretha Franklin, even over other prominent R&B female singers at that time. Since then, she’s been totally consistent with that formula, making great Soul records, crossing over without watering down her material & winning over new fans to Soul music, including those from the younger generation. Even when she takes time away from the scene, she comes back & delivers a classic (like her recent hit, “Lately”) and Soul music fans could never be disappointed by her incredible success. But you’re definitely on point about Niecy. And now that Ms. Baker is in, we have 6 chances this year to get Ms. Williams in as well. Let’s hope these other members don’t deny her that chance by voting in those “lightweights” that they’ve done many times. Also, my name is EarltheTHIRD, not Bird, but that’s cool. Peace.
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