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To the registered users of

I wanna thank all of you that voted in the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame!

Of the 10 categories, members made excellent choices in EIGHT of them (Anita Baker, Bill Withers, Booker T. Jones, LA & Babyface, Norman Whitfield, Ray Charles, Patti LaBelle & The Spinners). One choice was okay but questionable (Midnight Star over The Dells??) and another choice was horrendous (Kenny Lattimore over R.Kelly AND Maxwell?!!) But overall, members still did a much better job than last time, and the Hall of Fame is stronger & more credible than ever before.

Finally, I want to take the time to wish Mr. David Nathan, Mr. Michael Lewis, and all the other contributors to this website, along with its registered users, a safe and prosperous new year. SOUL POWER IN 2014.

I’ll be posting new Hall of Fame blogs in the days ahead. Peace.
Entered By: earlthethird
02 January 2014
Entered By: MichaelLewis
02 January 2014
Thanks for your comments Earlthethird. We appreciate your contributions to this forum.
Entered By: earlthethird
04 January 2014
@MichaelLewis And thank you as well, I really appreciate that. I'm having a lot of fun in this forum and I'm getting my blogs ready. Thanks again.
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