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RIP Whitney Houston
I'm devastated by the tragic passing of Whitney. I met her when she was just fifteen with singing behind her Mom, Cissy Houston at Reno Sweeney's nightclub in midtown Manhattan. She never forgot that and years later when she had started making albums and we were doing interviews together she would smile, remembering that night! I will be posting a proper tribute to her at the site later today.
Entered By: DavidNathan
12 February 2012
Entered By: MichaelLewis
12 February 2012
I'll never forget the night I went to see Cissy Houston at Mikell's in NYC in the early 80s when a young lady graced the stage and explained that "Mommy isn't feeling well" and asked her to do the show for her. Whitney hoped we didn't mind. We didn't!!!
Entered By: rickjt62
12 February 2012
I first heard Whitney in 1980 singing backup w/ Luther on Chaka's "Naughty" ... I knew then that with her pedigree a star would be in the making very soon ... today is a sad day in the music world - at her height, she shone like no other
Entered By: YogiBlackmon
12 February 2012
Despite the knowledge that we each must pass this way but once, it is SO shocking to learn of our beautiful songbird going on ahead ... We were absolutely confident she'd make a stellar comeback! It deeply saddens us--there can never be another Whitney Houston, except in a heavenly place.
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