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Looking For New Latin Jazz Music To Dance To? Check Out Raul Midón ’s New Music Video For Mi Amigo Cubano
Jazz and Soul singer/songwriter Raul Midón has audiences on Youtube dancing along to his catchy new single “Mi Amigo Cubano”. This track, off of the brand new album, “Don’t Hesitate”, shows Midón uniquely capturing the essence that is Jazz music, be it American or Latin. Not only that, but he has also gifted his fans with a video to support the single, which can be viewed on YouTube at:

Relentless with his passion, Midon’s sharp yet distinctive playing style has earned him a career that spans over twelve years and at least eight albums under his belt, as well as several collaborations that include artists such as Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, and Bill Withers, who helped co-write the new single back in 2008.

“Mi Amigo Cubano” is now available on iTunes at: and Amazon at: Become one of Raul’s near 50,000 amigos on Facebook at: and on Twitter at Discover more of Raul’s Latin soul at his Official Site at:
Entered By: BobMoran
24 December 2014
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