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Songs with the word "Lady" in the title
Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the everyday and have some fun. See how many R&B songs you can come up with that have the word “Lady” in the title. Here’s what I came up with.

“Golden Lady”- Stevie Wonder
“Lady”- The Whispers
“Three Times a Lady”- Lionel Ritchie
“Elusive Lady”- Pockets
“Lady Love”- Lou Rawls
“Fall in Love, Lady Love”- The Dramatics
“Foxy Lady”- Jimi Hendrix
“You Are My Lady”- Freddie Jackson
“Lady of Magic”- Maze
“Who’s That Lady”- The Isley Brothers

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Entered By: Producer
29 December 2014
Entered By: UnitedWeFunk
13 January 2015
"Lady (You Bring Me Up)"- The Commodores

"She's a Super Lady"- Luther Vandross
Entered By: Producer
18 January 2015
"Lady"- D'Angelo
Entered By: Producer
25 January 2015
"Lady Marmalade"- Labelle
"Sophisticated Lady"- Natalie Cole
Entered By: Producer
26 January 2015
"Island Lady"- Rick James
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