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SoulMusic Hall Of Fame - Vote
Voting for The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame takes place during a four-week period every three months (Feb 23-Mar 22, May 23-Jun 22, Aug 23-Sept 22, Nov 23-Dec 22)

Voting is for the slate published at for each quarter; the slate is based on nominations received from subscribed members of The SoulMusic Community (TSMC) and approved by the Executive Team at In the event that there are not (3) front runners for each category, a Nominating Committee (composed of industry experts and tastemakers indicated in a published list at will vote to create a final slate for each quarter

All registered users at may vote in all categories

Please note that as a registered user at, you are voting for persons of merit for The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame; “Soul Music” is generally considered to be a genre that began in the early ‘60s (per Wikipedia, in 1961) and is still in use today. Please do not nominate individuals or groups generally considered to be part of the general pop, rock, jazz, rap/hip-hop or country music genres; the Executive Team at reserves the right to exclude nominations of individuals/groups that are not considered appropriate for induction into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame