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Welcome to The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame at, a permanent and lasting online acknowledgement of the contribution made by artists, producers, songwriters and musicians to the the world of soul music.

We’re excited that members of the public the world over can now express their love, respect and appreciation for the individuals who have made soul music the timeless and influential genre it is globally.

The process for induction into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame works as follows:

Only members of The SoulMusic Community (TSMC) with valid subscriptions may nominate in each eligible category for a period of six weeks, every three months. For example, the nominating period runs Jan 1 - Feb 15 or April 1 - May 15, etc.

Once nominations are closed, in the event that there is no clear front runner for any specific category, a list of nominees will be forwarded to the SoulMusic Hall Of Fame Nominating Committee (a published list composed of some members of the editorial board, key tastemakers and experts, excluding any employees of record companies or personnel eligible for nomination).

A final slate of nominees will be presented to all members of TSMC and all registered users at for voting which will take place over a period of four weeks. For example, the voting period runs Feb 23-Mar 22 or May 23-June 22, etc.

The final inductees into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame are announced towards the end of each three-month period - for example by Feb 28 or May 31. A new three-month cycle will immediately begin at the start of the next three-month period.

A full list of inductees will appear in this section every three months.