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Track listing:
1. Flirt
2. You Can Turn Me On
3. Kisses Don't Lie
4. Stop It
5. Hold On To What You've Got
6. When Your Heart Says Yes
7. Before The Date
8. Whenever You Touch Me

Bonus Tracks:
9. Flirt (Flirt To Flirt Dub)
10. Flirt (Body Groove)
11. Hold On To What You've Got (Extended Mix)
12. Kisses Don't Lie (All Day Kisses Mix)
13. Kisses Don't Lie (All Night Kisses Mix)

Caroline International (in association with SoulMusic Records) is proud to present the 2015 reissue of FLIRT, the 1988 debut album for EMI Manhattan Records by R&B/dance and pop hitmaker Evelyn Champagne King, following a nine-year tenure with RCA Record, making its first appearance worldwide on CD.

Bronx-born Evelyn was ‘discovered’ singing while cleaning the offices of legendary Philadelphia producer/songwiters Gamble & Huff at the age of sixteen: her first recording “Shame” – now a timeless ‘70s classic - became an instant international dance hit and was followed by no less than nineteen more U.S. R&B charted singles including “I Don’t Know If It’s Right,” “I’m In Love,” “Love Come Down” and “Betcha She Don’t Love You,” with Evelyn crisscrossing the globe as a popular live performer.

In 1986, Evelyn left RCA and signed with EMI. Delays in the recording of her debut album for the label were due to personal family challenges: working with five producers, Evelyn created FLIRT, a sizzling eight-cut set that continued her tradition of recording dance-oriented tracks at the same time adding a late ‘80s contemporary feel as well as including a couple of standout ballads, most notably “Kisses Don’t Lie,” one of two tracks written and produced by Philly music man Ron ‘Have Mercy’ Kersey and L.A. session vocalist/songwriter Alex Brown, which remains a staple on U.S. quiet storm radio.

FLIRT became Evelyn’s longest-running U.S. chart album (racking up forty weeks) and yielded no less than three Top 20 R&B hits, the most from any of the albums she’d recorded. The title track and the funky “Hold On To What You’ve Got” were both produced by Leon Sylvers III (formerly of the popular family group The Sylvers) and gave Evelyn two Top 10 U.S. R&B charted singles; while “Kisses Don’t Lie” reached the R&B Top 20.

This new reissue of FLIRT, produced by David Nathan of, mastered by Donald Cleveland in New York, with artwork by Roger Williams and liner notes by renowned U.S. writer Justin ‘Musicology’ Kantor boasts no less than five bonus tracks including an extended mix of “Hold On To What You’ve Got” by the famed team of Clivillés & Cole and two remixes of “Kiss Don’t Lie” by Gerald Levert & Marc Gordon of the popular R&B group Levert.

About the Writer
David Nathan is the founder and CEO of and began his writing career in 1965; beginning in 1967, he was a regular contributor to Blues & Soul magazine in London before relocating to the U.S. in 1975 where he served as U.S. editor for the publication for several decades and began being known as 'The British Ambassador Of Soul.' From 1988 to 2004, he wrote prolifically for Billboard, has penned bios, produced and written liner notes for box sets and reissue CDs for over a thousand projects. He returned to London in 2009 where he has helped create Records as a leading reissue label.
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