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Members Comments
I WAS at paris/Zénith! It was AAwsome! HE was AMAZING! HE'S BACK 4 fu*k*n'real trust me!
He just keeps real soul/funky alive! in our generation, he is the only one who does music the way he did in 2000 and, still the only one in 2012, in live, he is a real showman!!! I saw him trust me, he is really back!!!
His voice and his talent is better than never!!!
Watch all the paris/Zénith live songs on Youtube (better quality than Stockholm), it's Awsome!!! so YES we want to hear this New album!!!
Thank U D'!!! We missed U sooooo much and, most important, MUSIC missed U!!! Music need rare people like You,? U heeeeeear?!? :)
We lost amy, but this year, we find D'angelo again!!! Hope the futur still lightin' in a positive way for him! like it or not, this is real music, nothing else!
"Untilted" Live - Paris Zénith (29.01.21012):
*NEW* Song:
... It's just a pure BOMB! Back in the 20's original blues piano rythm loops! Real Funky Music!
"Suggar daddy" (Live @ Zénith Paris) [2012-01-29]:
Soulmindz 13 February 2012
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