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When Motown’s first publicist, Al Abrams sent me this CD I put it on my player with a certain amount of caution. A cash in? A singalong? Well, was I so wrong! From the introduction of the opening song all fears were banished. This is good. In fact, it’s more than good, it’s quite brilliant. Bobby is the son of Jackie Wilson and here he pays homage to his ultra talented father via “Lonely Teardrops”, “To Be Loved” and (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher”. Covering all with a cloak of fullness and a depth lacking from the originals, Bobby, with a plethora of support vocalists, pumps modern day life into these much-loved classics. None of the original feeling is lost; far from it, it’s enhanced and delivered with a soulful authenticity one would expect from the Wilson family. These songs aside, the remaining titles are powerfully delicious. The opener “I Can’t Love You Anymore” is one helluva song, with a universal spirit, which holds strong melodies and sentiments. “Just Pretend” is another quality take that’s both passionate and distraught. Then the harder edged “Right Here Waiting” is full to bursting with music and vocals, which only layers the emotion to a pitch of finality. There are no floundering melodies here. Hook lines are unrelenting and with a slight diversity of styles the fact remains that Bobby’s voice is a powerful emotional tool that’s deep, seductive and so richly soulful, and I for one, found myself lost in the world of Mr Wilson. Hell, I’m going back in for more. Love it, love it, love it! Check it out for yourselves via

Rating: 10

About the Writer
Sharon Davis ran the Four Tops fan club before spearheading Motown Ad Astra, catering for all the Motown acts, where she edited the in-house magazine TCB. Was publicist for Fantasy, Stax and Salsoul before joining Motown Records in London. Formed her own press/promotion company Eyes & Ears, worked for Blues & Soul magazine and website, and became a full time author and researcher. To date Sharon has written eleven books (her last A Girl Called Dusty published by Carlton Books) and she’s working on her next - Divas Of Motown. As a researcher, Sharon assisted Diana Ross with her autobiography Secrets Of A Sparrow, and is now in constant demand for her knowledge about Motown and its artists.

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