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I’ve been looking forward to this gig all day. In fact, I’m so looking forward to it that, during the day, I cannot help but dig into the Kindred catalogue and before I know it (and whilst also getting through endless homework and case studies) I’ve listened to all three CDs! So by the time I get to the Jazz Cafe I am truly “Kindreded” and really in that Love Zone that these two people can transport you to. I find myself thinking “I want what you two have” - someone to sing with, write with, create beautiful and catchy melodies with and just create. So, not envious - just mere admiration! The evening holds a special bonus with Don E bringing his inventive Brit Soul to support chores and reminding me of “Love Makes the World Go Round”, a favourite that I haven’t heard in quite awhile, along with a cover of “Waiting in Vain” and a couple of other songs.

Kindred the Family Soul must be unique. Fatin and Aja have been married 12 years and they have six children – that’s one every two years and they still find time to give us three CDs of quality soul and come here to the Jazz Cafe and perform for us Brits. They start with the interlude “Family” from ‘Dreamgirls’ and then “Alright” from the current CD ‘Arrival’ and follow it with “Where Would I Be”. Their voices are powerful, complement and work together perfectly, as does their stage presence and rapport with the audience. I am excited to hear the first bars of “Rhythm of Life” and am particularly impressed by the change of tempo which turns this mellow number into something of a house track and then back to mellow for the finish – loved it! They remind us that they have missed out on their sweet potato pie, and invite the audience all back for dinner with them in Philadelphia the following night for a belated Thanksgiving.

Fatin pops off to take some pictures of the Jazz Cafe crowd with his mobile, while Aja is allowed to shine, and indeed excels, on “Woman First” which she dedicates to the Jazz Cafe mums. Eddie Kendricks’ “Intimate Friends” is Kindred-ised. “No Limit” follows and with “My Time” they encourage us to go out and get what you want with confidence. Fatin is playful on stage and clearly has plans for the evening when the gig is finished. After 12 years and six kids that’s admirable and wonderful to see. I think that number 7 could be conceived in London, but the audience is assured, in no uncertain terms, that this will not be the case! I love their first CD ‘Surrender to Love’ and it was one of my favourite CDs of that time. “Stars”, my favourite Kindred song, is next out of their bag of goodies. “House of Love” and another favourite “Far Away” bring the official proceedings to an end. Thankfully, they return for an encore and bring an old school, soulful reading of the William DeVaughn classic “Be Thankful for What You Got”, complete with handclaps, audience vocals and solo slots from the band and leaving us so thankful for what we got.

London really is thankful for bands like Kindred. Kindred bring soul that is real, thoughtful and that moves you to go out, find a true and meaningful love and work at it! Fatin and Aja were last here in 2007. I look forward to the next CD and hope Kindred make it back to these shores in the not too distant future.

An avid soul fan with back issues of Blues and Soul from the 80s onwards and a regular gigger since the Stylistics in the 70s to Me'shell in the teenies. Terry Joe has led bands as a vocalist, releasing cds and regularly performing. His favourite artists include Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Ledisi, Nathan Haines, Me'shell and many more.....

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Terry Joe is a London-based has led bands as a vocalist, releasing cds and regularly performing. His favourite artists include Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Ledisi, Nathan Haines, Me'shell NdegeOcello and many more.




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