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Rahsaan Patterson is one of the most talented and underrated artists of this generation. Known for his exceptional vocal abilities and unique song approach, he has definitely carved out a significant and lasting space for himself in an industry of fly-by-night artists. While on tour promoting his newly released and critically acclaimed album, BLEUPHORIA, Rahsaan made a stop in Houston, TX on July 29, 2011.

He opened the show with “Stop By” and wasted no time showing why he is one of the most respected vocalists in Soul music. Rahsaan is a master of improvisation who plays his electric and elastic voice like the instrument it is. “Burning”, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” and “Spend The Night” followed. With his eyes closed most of the time in musical bliss, he did things vocally that made people in the audience look at each other for assurance that it was actually happening. Stretching each song to the length that the spirit of the moment dictated, he approached the lyrics in such a way that it seemed he was composing them on the spot. Each song was like a canvas for him to paint with his vocals.

Friend of, Trina Broussard, was featured on background vocals. Broussard is a Houston native who most of you may remember from her cover of Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” on the “Love Jones” soundtrack (1997).

Rahsaan performed his current singles “6am” and “Easier Said Than Done” as well as his standout cover of the classic Flamingos’ hit, “I Only Have Eyes For You”, all of which showcased the type of musicality that, unfortunately, is rarely seen in contemporary music.

He left the stage having given his complete self to the performance, only to stick around and greet the fans for hours after the show had ended. Rahsaan Patterson is as humble as he is gifted and it is because of his talent and consistency that he remains relevant despite how many times the industry has shifted.

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