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If you didn’t know better, you might think that Jocelyn Brown was a one-hit ‘wonder’ by virtue of her massive ‘80s hit “Somebody Else’s Guy” but that would only indicate a lack of awareness of just how prolific she’s been! As a guest artist with Inner Life and Incognito, among others, Jocelyn has contributed her gospel-honed vocal skills to more than a few recordings over the years as evidenced by her full-on performance, the last of three nights at the prestigious London venue. Highlights abounded: the spirited “Something’s Going On In My Soul,” her take on the Rotary Connection masterpiece “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun” and “Moments Of My Life” (from her Inner Life days). A previously unreleased cut “Find Someone To Love” (available on a CD of such material issued a couple of years through Expansion on Jocelyn’s own label) was a particular standout as was an outstanding groove medley that included “Always There,” “Nights Over Egypt” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” but was incongruously initiated with the Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer hit “Enough Is Enough”! Its inclusion was – we presume – because Jocelyn sang background vocals on it!

Two of the evening’s highlights were provided by special guests: Barbara Gaskins, Jocelyn’s cousin, is also known to the music world as Barbara Roy of Ecstasy, Passion & Pain fame and it was a joy to hear her deliver the group’s memorable “Touch & Go” with Barbara also treating the packed house to some tasty guitar playing. Jocelyn’s classic “Somebody Else’s Guy” was done in two parts and the initial offering featured her second special guest, renowned keyboardist Bob Baldwin (who has his own music out through an Expansion album as well as on his own Nu-Groove label) who provided a jazzy workout for Jocelyn’s mega-hit before she launched into the more familiar funky dance version of the track. The Baldwin/Brown version can be found on an upcoming “Sound Of Jazz FM” CD in the UK. It’s hard to follow such a rousing finale: Jocelyn chose to return with a gospel cut, “Sunday Morning” which seemed a trifle strange as 11pm neared but for musical pleasure, she scored full on with an evening that moved and grooved with energy and soul.

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