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Three albums reissued:


The first two Epic albums by the pioneering funk/R&B group MTUME reissued as a 2-disc set

Both critically-acclaimed albums have long-been sought after by funk lovers and reflect the often-humourous slant that writers Mtume and Lucas brought to their music The group MTUME was formed in 1977 by James Mtume and Reggie Lucas, former members of Miles Davis band and later touring musicians with Roberta Flack; the original line-up included vocalist Tawatha Agee.

As producers, Mtume & Lucas were also responsible for 80s hits for Stephanie Mills and Phyllis Hyman among others; Lucas went on to produce early recordings with Madonna. Other original members of the group MTUME included keyboardist Hubert Eaves III, drummer Howard King and bassist Basil Fearington

Kiss This World Goodbye contains a version of The Closer I Get To You, a 1978 U.S. hit written by Mtume & Lucas for Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway as well as the popular UK soul groove, Love Lock and the deep slow jam, Closer To The End

In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers (which reached No. 30 on the US R&B Album Charts) reflected the group's quirky lyricism and lively onstage performances with such tracks as Dance Around My Navel (Doesn t Have To Make Sense, Just Cents), So You Wanna Be A Star, Anticipatin and the lyrically-pointed Mrs. Sippi. The album contained the group s first U.S. charted single, Give It On Up (If You Want To), a Top 30 R&B hit in 1980

This is the first CD reissue of the two albums outside of Japan. Notes by David Nathan include quotes from his first Mtume interview for Blues & Soul and reflections from a brand new 2010 interview with James Mtume.

Disc One:
1 Theme For The People
2 Just Funnin'
3 Kiss This World Goodbye
4 Insert
5 The Closer I Get To Tou
6 Love Lock
7 Funky Constellation
8 Closer To The End
9 Metal Flake Mind
10 Phase I (40 Seconds Dedicated To All Congo Players)
11 Day Of The Reggin
12 This Is Your World
13 Theme For The People (Exit)

Disc Two:
1 Give It on Up (If You Want To)
2 You Can't Wait For Love
3 She's A Rainbow Dancer
4 We're Gonna Make It This Time
5 Dance Around My Navel (Doesn't Have To Make Sense, Just Cents)
6 So You Wanna Be A Star
7 Spirit Of The Dance
8 Anticipatin'
9 Everything Good To Me
10 Mrs. Sippi


Long out of print, the pioneering funk/R&B group MTUME's final 1986 Epic album

Fronted by James Mtume, the group bearing his name was formed in 1977 with fellow former Miles Davis band member Reggie Lucas. In 1982, the unit underwent several personnel changes, Lucas leaving to produce early recordings with Madonna. Female vocalist Tawatha remained as one of the original members of the group, long revered by funk and rare groove fans worldwide

MTUME's sixth album for Epic, Theater Of The Mind followed on the heels of the group s two previous best-selling LPs, Juicy Fruit and You, Me & He, reaching No. 23 on the R&B Album charts.

Much like its predecessors including Kiss This World Goodbye and In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers (both released on Soul Records as a 2-disc set this month) the nine-track set reflected the quirky lyricism and innovative approach that James Mtume brought to his work with the group via tracks such as New Face Deli, a riveting commentary on the mid-'80s beginning of societal obsession with cosmetic surgery.

Theater Of The Mind included three U.S. charted R&B singles, Breathless, P.O.P. Generation and Body and Soul (Take Me) The album has only been available on a limited basis as a Japanese-released CD.

Notes by Soul founder David Nathan include 2010 reflections by James Mtume.

1 Theme For Theater Of The Mind
2 P.O.P. Generation
3 Breathless
4 I Don't Believe You Heard Me (A Tribute To James Brown)
5 Body & Soul (Take Me)
6 New Face Deli
7 I'd Rather Be With You
8 Deep Freeze (Rap-A-Song) (Part 1)
9 Deep Freeze (Tree's Thing) (Part 2)

About the Writer
David Nathan is the founder and CEO of and began his writing career in 1965; beginning in 1967, he was a regular contributor to Blues & Soul magazine in London before relocating to the U.S. in 1975 where he served as U.S. editor for the publication for several decades and began being known as 'The British Ambassador Of Soul.' From 1988 to 2004, he wrote prolifically for Billboard, has penned bios, produced and written liner notes for box sets and reissue CDs for over a thousand projects. He returned to London in 2009 where he has helped create Records as a leading reissue label.





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